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Top 6 renting tips: How to stand out from the competition

Looking to make the move to a new property?

In todays rental market, you need to do everything you can to set yourself apart and win over that potential landlord.

We’re here to help with some top tips to help you secure that dream rental!

  1. Take the time to completely fill out your tenancy application form. Don’t leave out any fields – attention to detail is important.
  2. Provide 100 points of ID. The more information you provide the more attractive your application will look – show you have nothing to hide.
  3. Provide a copy of the tenant ledger.
  4. Provide a hard copy of your last agents reference.
  5. Provide a copy of your last two routine inspection reports.
  6. If you have a pet and you vacate a property, ask the agent to write you a pet reference.

Good luck and happy property hunting!

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