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At First Priority Realty we take the stress and hassle out of managing your investment rental property. Founder and Director, Daniel Livancic, is an expert in his field with more than 15 years’ experience in Property Management. Daniel has extensive and accurate knowledge of the rental market and current industry trends.

First Priority Realty streamlines the property management experience in the following ways:

  • We understand the importance of leasing your property quickly
  • We market your property through traditional and digital mediums including social media, to maximise interest from renters
  • We endeavour to find the right tenant for your property
  • We keep you updated on developments throughout the leasing and management process

What’s your investment rental property worth?

Establishing the market value of your property is the first step in getting your property leased. Our excellent local knowledge of the rental market is key to an accurate valuation, which is where First Priority Realty’s experience is a distinct advantage.

Property Inspections On Request COMING SOON

Utilising software integrated through we will soon have the ability to show interested real estate buyers and tenants their desired property upon request. Organise a property appraisal today and find out how First Priority Realty can help with the renting of your property.


Using the Property Tree system both landlords and tenants can access to their account on the Property Tree portal 24/7. So, what does this mean for each party? Here is a quick breakdown.


  • Access to all your statements, yearly statements, and invoices at any time
  • Visibility of rental payments. Landlords can easily check if their tenants rent is paid up to date.


  • Access to tenant ledger reports, rent receipts, any invoices
  • Information and dates regarding when the next routine inspection is scheduled for
  • Ability to communicate directly with First Priority Realty. Tenants can message us directly about maintenance, or to lodge a maintenance request and send attachments including photos of the repairs needed.



Our willingness to do things differently and more diligently when it comes to property management set us apart from our competitors. A very high level of detail goes into every aspect of our inspection reporting process, which utilises photographs, to provide our clients with reports that can consist of up to 80 pages.


All Ingoing Condition reports outline the condition of the property prior the tenant moving in, all evidenced with photos of each living area and space within the home. The detailed Condition Report includes highly detailed information like; how many hooks are on the walls, if there are any paint chips on the door frames, notes on any scratches or marks now visible. Each report contains approximately 100 – 400 photos depending on the size of the property. The landlord receives a copy of the Condition Report for their records. As a guide for what to expect, a Condition Report on a three-bedroom home can consist of 60-80 pages. This report is an invaluable reference if and when we may be required to go to the tribunal for disputes with tenants.


First Priority Realty conduct routine inspections every six months and provide photographic evidence of our findings if the landlord is unable to make the inspection. The report outlines how the tenants are maintaining the property, if the tenants have requested any maintenance or repairs be made to the property, our recommendations for future repairs such as painting of walls and replacement of the carpet and the rental review report. The routine inspection also advises the tenant’s lease expiry dates.